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How do I apply for a job with the Town of Log Lane Village

There are currently no job openings in the office or in Public Works. You may fill out an applications and submit your resume to communityofloglanevillage [at] townofllv.com (). You may call the town hall to ensure we received your resume at 970-867-8027.

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Maintenance Job Description indeed post

How do I read my utility bill?

The town of Log Lane Village only bills for water, sewer, and trash. We do not provide electricity, gas, and or internet. Those are third party vendors (such as Xcel Energy, Charter, and Spectrum). Do not confuse Xcel Energy and Xpress bill pay. Xcel Energy provides gas and electric to citizens of Log Lane and Xpress bill pay is the town's platform to receive water bill payments. Xcel energy has their own billing system not associated with Xpress Bill Pay or associated with the Town of Log Lane Village.

Our bills go on 4" x 5"  post cards mailed out individually. If there is a newsletter to be sent out, the bill will be in a regular sized white envelope to include our newsletter, information and your bill. Please read the following to understand your billing. 
Billing is always going to be a month behind. Bills to customers go in the mail after the 28th. Payments for bills are due on the 15th of every month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, then it will be due on the next regular business day by 5PM.
Payments made after the 15th will be counted as late. Late fee's/ penalties are applied the day after the due date.
Payments can be made in person or over the phone. We accept cash, check, money orders, and debit/credit card. We also offer Xpress Bill Pay to customers who register their accounts on the platform to pay at their convenience 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year long. To register your account, search Xpress Bill Pay Log Lane Village Colorado and use the customer number with no periods, spaces, or dashes.**(there is a 3% fee to make payments via Xpress)**

Past Due balances show if there is a balance from the previous month.
Water charges are billed by gallons used by the customer per month. This amount is calculated by the amount of water going through a customer's meter.
Fire protection is a set rate billed to vacant lots. Vacant homes are equivalent to the base rate of $141.13.
Sewer charges are billed at a set rate $51.50 per month
Connect fee is billed at a set rate and applied to accounts that were shut off for non payment or at the request of the home owner.
Trash charge/fee is billed at a set rate $21.65 per month
Non Sufficient fund fee is applied when payments via credit card, check, or ACH are returned after being posted as paid that fee is $25.00
Water penalty is billed at 10% of the total bill applied the day after bills are due. Sewer Penalty is billed at 10% of the total bill applied the day after bills are due. SP might not show on your post card if the message is too big it overlaps. If you get a water penalty you will also receive a sewer penalty.
Fee's can be increased at any point at the direction of the board of trustees done so at a regular meeting to be formally voted on. Board meetings are the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM at 202 Birch St in LLV.
If you have further questions on billing please see the master fee schedule or call the office. 970.867.8027


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Example LLV Utility Bill

How to set up Xpress Billpay account?

Follow the steps below to register your account with XPRESS.

Step 1) Xpress will ask for an email and password to sign up.

Step 2) Then after you do that it will take you to  this page. Fill out the form hit “NEXT”

Step 3) will send a confirmation email to finish registration. Click the Verify email.

Step 4) Will take you back to xpress confirming the email address was confirmed.

Step 5) Select the notifications you want to receive.

Step 6) Hit finish to save the preferences.

Step 7)) Billing organizations near your address (2):

Step 8) Select Town of Log Lane Village. This this page will pop up. The account number is the customer number located on the utility post card. Do not use any spaces, dashes, or periods. And the last name on the account. Click “Locate Account” on the lower right side.

Step 9)  If your customer account matches the information select the “Add Account”. You can also opt in for paperless at the bottom right side.

Step 10) Once you hit “Add Account”. You will taken to the “successfully added your account” page. There after you can set up auto pay if you’d like or you can say not now.

Your home screen will look like this:

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Steps to Register Your Account with Xpress

What is the new trash service in Log Lane Village?

The town recently purchased and received two trash compactor trucks to take over our residential trash service. We have adopted our own rules and fees for this new service to our residents. Our current trash rate is $21.65. We will continue to pickup trash on Friday's unless there is a holiday or if the landfill is shut down due to high winds. Please see the attached file for fees and rules. We hope to continue to service our citizens with the best of our abilities. If you have any further questions please call 970.867.8027 x 1. We will update our FB page as we know for delays or closures. We are also following the www.morgancounty.colorado.gov under Departments - Solid Waste Management or you can also search and follow morgancountylandfill

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Trash Service Rules 2023

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